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Our top priority to coordinate the activities of the quality assurance department. Thanks to an experienced multidisciplinary team, she makes sure that the quality assurance procedures are respected at each step of production. To this end, our own internal laboratories are undeniable assets. Moreover, other companies in the field request our analytical services to fulfil their own needs.

1- Reception and control of raw materials and packaging material

All raw materials and packaging materials received at Suppléments Aromatik are sampled and quarantined pending results from quality control.

We also verify that each ingredient necessary for production is harmless before use. Furthermore, all of our suppliers are qualified yearly to ensure that they continue to meet our quality standards. Samples of each raw material and packaging material are kept for over a year after the last time they were used in a product. This allows us to conduct investigations even after the product’s expiry date.

2- Control during production (manufacturing and packaging)

When a product is made, physicochemical testing is conducted to validate the identity of the product. For example: organoleptic tests are done (color, taste, odor), plus pH and density levels are measured.
After having passed the identification tests, the product can be packaged. Packaging procedures are specific to each finished product to further guaranty that the contents in the bottles correspond to the quantities indicated on the label. Our team also performs regular tests to ensure that your product is adequately packaged and identified.

During production, samples are taken and preserved on site for up to one year following their expiry date from each product made.

3- Analysis and release of finished products

Each product manufactured at Suppléments Aromatik is subject to rigorous testing in our own laboratories to ensure quality beyond reproach before it is released.

On one hand, the microbiology laboratory ensures that the product meets our specifications. Also, the absence of pathogenic organisms is confirmed prior to the release of a product.

On the other hand, the chemistry laboratory verifies quantification of the medicinal ingredients to validate that they correspond with the quantities specified on the label. Also, the product is tested for chemical contaminants within strict limits to guaranty the harmlessness of the product for the consumer.
Once all of the analytical results are available, the product can leave the stockroom.

Thanks to our rigorous quality control process, you can rest assured regarding the unequalled quality of each product we deliver. Every product manufactured in our plant is subject to quality control follow-ups for up to a year after the expiry date. We also offer to all of our clients the possibility of conducting stability tests on any product, produced on site or not, to prolong the expiry date if the stability results allow for it.


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Quality assurance

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